- Vehicle replacement in the event of a fault
- Assistance services and services related to the liquidation of a possible insured event
- Mandatory contracting insurance and accident insurance in the Slovak Republic and abroad
- Regular vehicle maintenance, vehicle inspections, oil and other operating fluids other than fuel
- Annual vignette on the territory of the Slovak Republic

Please note that the rental price does not include penalties for traffic offenses.
On the basis of mutual agreement, we will deliver the vehicle to you at anytime and anywhere within Bratislava. We charge a fee of 20 € for delivery of the vehicle outside working hours, on non-working days and at weekends. The fee for delivery outside Bratislava, or abroad, is the subject of an agreement.
One-day rental/lease represents 24 hours from the moment of taking over (e.g. if the takeover is at 12:00, return of the vehicle is the next day at 12:00). In the event that the return of the vehicle is delayed by more than 90 minutes, we charge a fee in the amount of another one-day rental/lease.
Yes, of course. However, the country and the distance are the subject of an individual agreement. But, before a trip it is essential to draw attention to that fact/intention.
It is always necessary to fill in a traffic accident protocol, then contact our hotline, which is available 24/7. We will evaluate the situation and find an immediate solution for the sake of maintaining your comfort.
We accept cancellation of the reservation free of charge up to 7 days before the start of the long-term and at least 24 hours before the start of the short-term rental/lease.
Please, contact us in case you do not have for the vehicle used by you the follow-up booking. We will certainly meet your request or offer you another vehicle.
It is a question of individual requirement. Please, inform us in advance about long distances, we will be happy to set up an individual plan for you.
Driver's license valid for at least 2 years, ID card, or passport. Extract from the Business Register, or a notarized copy of the trade license, not older than 3 months and a photocopy of VAT registration (only for VAT payers).
You pay for the rental of the vehicle when it is handed over in cash, it is also possible to pay by credit and debit card (please, draw our attention). Payment on invoice is possible if you are our verified customer.
We do not complicate picking up the vehicle.
-Administrative work that does not take much time - checking personal documents: ID card (passport), driving license.
-Vehicle inspection: We will visually review the existing damage with the client. If there are any, they will be noted in the acceptance protocol. Then you will be given the keys, the vehicle documents and the acceptance protocol.
-You can pick up the vehicle at the agreed place in Bratislava during working hours from 9:00 - 17:00. The fee for vehicle delivery is 5 €.

RETURN OF THE VEHICLE: -It is necessary to return the vehicle at a pre-arranged time, at agreed place.
-The vehicle must be returned with a full tank and in such a condition that an inspection could be carried out. Any damage or defects in the vehicle must be reported to the staff of the car rental company.
Our vehicles are thoroughly inspected before each rental/lease and existing damage is recorded in the acceptance protocol. You will be given the keys, the documents from the vehicle and the acceptance protocol. If you find a new damage/defect in the vehicle, please contact the employee who handed over the vehicle to you. It is necessary to do so no later than 30 minutes after handing over the vehicle.
All our vehicles have mandatory contractual insurance and accident insurance with a co-participation of at least 166 EUR or 5% of the value of the damage. In case of theft, co-participation constitutes 10%.
At the beginning of the rental/lease, the vehicle is handed over with a certain amount/volume of fuel, which will be reported in the acceptance protocol and it is necessary to return it with the same amount of fuel. In case of returning a vehicle with a less amount of fuel, we charge a fee of 10 € for refuelling and a refuelling coefficient of 1.79 € for each missing litre.
If you are not satisfied with the vehicle, please, contact us. Depending on the offer of available vehicles, we will replace the vehicle. However, take into account that the change of vehicle type/brand may result in a change in the rental price. We will inform you about the price difference.

We will be glad if you write to us how satisfied or dissatisfied you have been. JUST COMPLETE AND SEND THE FORM

If you are interested in booking a vehicle and have any questions, do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

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